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However inconspicuous Peking Gourmet may be, it is quite well known and highly praised among the people of Vineland, New Jersey. Since opening in 1993, the restaurant has successfully grabbed media attention, being named Readers Choice Best of Best in 1994, and One of the Best in 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2006. What makes Peking Gourmet stand out among other restaurants in the area is the fact that Chef Peter Yang prepares dishes that are not presented on the menu. People are more aware of their health and carefully watch their fat and calorie intake. Many restaurants are helping drive the concept of healthy dining by providing a delicious, healthy dining experience. Peking Gourmet is no exception. The owner and chef Mr. Yang tries to create recipes with a healthy twist by making them a harmonious and nutritious combination of color and taste.

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