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How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds

Plateaus are common!  After a relatively long period of stability, our bodies tend to level off. Most people who achieve weight loss hit a plateau and can get frustrated trying to lose those last few pounds. After adapting to our new bodies, we need to make a few more changes. I often tell clients to evaluate what they’re currently doing the most. You really need to have a clear picture of all the factors – like activities or habits – that could be creating the more...

10 Foods to Help You with a Healthy Weight

Do you have a goal of losing weight?  It can be easy to fall into the “everything I have to give up” trap when you want to lose weight.  Instead, focus on all the great foods that can help you achieve your goal.  These 10 foods can not only help keep you satisfied as you work towards a healthy weight, but they also make a tasty addition to your diet.  Start enjoying these foods today to help you achieve your weight loss goal as well as all the benefits that can more...

How Weight Loss Can Improve Heart Health

Did you know that even a small amount of weight loss can greatly improve heart health?  This is a hot topic right now during American Heart Month. 

According to researchers from Washington University School of Medicine, “Losing even a little weight can greatly improve heart and vascular health, boost heart function, lower blood pressure and improve more...

Help with Healthy Resolutions When Dining Out or On-the-Go

Don’t leave your success to guessing or chance or let the passion of a New Year’s resolution fade.  Make this the year you achieve your health and weight loss goals by building a solid framework to support your efforts.  Make your vision of health a reality this year with tools and strategies like these:

Make real world goals
Let’s be honest: You probably aren’t going to change your life and health habits overnight.  more...

Healthy Resolutions and Healthy Dining at Restaurants

Healthy Resolutions and Healthy Dining

Did you make healthy resolutions for New Year’s?  Every year, weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals top the list of resolutions for the roughly half of Americans who make them each January.  Gyms fill up, dietitians and personal trainers find their schedules filled to capacity, and many a restaurant meal is skipped in favor of brown bag lunches.  Don’t let your goals fall by the wayside as the weeks go by.  more...

The Best Overall Diet is…

Each year U.S. News & World Report assembles experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and food psychology to review a lengthy list of eating plans, and this year’s results are here.

Despite its popularity in the media, the Paleo Diet was not a top pick based on the criteria of the reviewers.  In fact, for the fifth year more...

10 Foods to Fuel your Fitness

January may be long past, but that doesn’t mean your resolutions for healthy eating, workouts, sports and other fun activities that focus on MOVING should fall by the wayside.  In fact, with summer on the horizon you may even be inspired to fall in love with something new.  Will Futsol, Zumba, softball, tap dancing, paddle boarding or maybe even hula hooping become your new obsession in the weeks to come?  However you get daily activity, good nutrition throughout the day is more...

Fitness and Weight Loss: How to Stay on Track

If weight loss is your goal and you’ve started a fitness program in addition to your healthy diet, consistency is a must.  From hectic days at work to workout burnout, help yourself stay on track by recognizing and derailing these common “fitness saboteurs” from the American Council on Exercise (ACE):
  1. Stress &ndash more...

How to LOSE Weight in December with HealthyDiningFinder

By Mary Parsons, MS, RD

Even the most health-conscious eaters are not immune to visions of sugar-plums dancing in our heads. The holiday season calls for celebration, and the endless stream of cookies, eggnog lattes, and other holiday indulgences proves that food is a big part of holiday cheer. But if you’ve been working toward weight loss goals, more...

An Unusual Way to Make Healthier Choices at Restaurants

There are lots of suggestions circulating about how to make weight loss easy and something of a no-brainer, including strategies to use when eating out.  If you’re looking for ideas to make weight loss easy at restaurants, you may have tried:
  • Keeping certain trigger foods off your table (bread basket, anyone?)
  • Finding a more...

4 Risks of Crash Diets

Promises of fast weight loss with crash diets can often prove hard to resist.  If you’re like many people, you’ve probably tried at least one juice fast, grapefruit or similar diet over the years for fast weight loss, and it probably was anything BUT effective in the long run.  What you may not know is that crash diets can do more than just leave you feeling frustrated and hungry.  These kinds of diets often come with several other health risks, including these more...

How to Take Back the Holidays for Weight Loss

The holidays, from Halloween through New Year’s Eve, can be a stressful time of year, especially when it comes to food and weight loss.  If your goal is weight loss or maintaining a steady weight through the end of the year, you may feel like the whole world and all the food in it are out to derail your plans right now.

Yes, your will power may be tested.  Yes, you may more...

5 Thanksgiving Foods We Want Now

It’s just about that time… Thanksgiving!  Every year we get together with family or friends, do our best to put together (or order) a mouthwatering Thanksgiving meal and give thanks for the big and little things in our lives that make it all worthwhile.  Whether it’s traditional foods that we’ve been eating every year for as long as we can remember or exciting new dishes that play with ingredients and flavor to push the meal to the next level, we are more...

5 Ways to Avoid the Halloween Sugar

It’s easy to say “everything in moderation,” but if candy is your weakness, it may take more than just willpower and moderation to keep from eating that whole bag of peanut butter cups or powering your way through the sweets buffet at the carnival. It may take smart tactics like these to outsmart yourself and your cravings this Halloween and beyond into the holiday season:

  1. Avoid the candy aisle – You know where it is and you know the chances more...

3 Wild Ways to Lose Weight with Whole Grains

September may be Whole Grains Month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include whole grains in your weight loss diet all year round.  Whole grains may be considered the healthy and “good” choice, with loads of fiber, folate, iron and B vitamins, but these trendsetters are anything but boring once you get to know them! Add a little wild whole grain goodness and flavor to your diet with these taste bud tempting whole grain recipes, tips and menu choices:


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