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10 Ways to Cut Calories at Chinese Restaurants

Chinese cuisine may be known for breaded, fried and saucy choices that can do in your diet, but like so many other cuisines, it’s earned a bad rap.  Traditional Chinese food is based on some of our favorite ingredients like vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.  Who knew Chinese food could fit into a healthy eating diet so easily?
Here are some dietitian tips that can help you cut calories on your next order at a Chinese restaurant:

Your Healthier Choices Can Help End Hunger

Are you looking for easy ways to make better food choices? Look no further! Now those healthier choices are easier than ever and could mean a new way to give back to those in need. foodtweeks™, a free mobile app with a mission to fight hunger in the United States, is partnering with to help you manage your weight, make healthier choices AND give to local food banks while you do it. foodtweeks users will now have more...

Popular Diets – The Breakdown

Diets are a dime a dozen!  From the Mediterranean Diet to the Paleo Diet to every fad diet in between, it’s no wonder weight loss and finding the best diet for weight loss can get so confusing.  The safest and most effective route should more...

5 Waist-Friendly Summer Foods

If your weight loss goals have been a little sidetracked by all the summer barbecues and parties, now may be a good time to get back on track in the most delicious way.   These are some of our favorite summer foods that can help you get more...

8 Easy Changes for a Healthier Diet Infographic

If your goal is to change your diet for the better, you may be considering some major changes.  Whether it’s adopting a completely new (and often restrictive) diet or meal plan or just cleaning out your kitchen and refilling it only with “healthy foods,” we often think that changing our health and diet for the better has to be a momentous undertaking.  Health and nutrition experts beg to differ.  In fact, many experts point to findings that it’s often more...

20 Ways to Cut Calories at Italian Restaurants

With a variety of choices like soup, salad, bread, pasta and maybe dessert, it would be easy to meet or exceed your daily recommended allowance for calories, fat and sodium at just one lunch or dinner.
Just focusing on calories, here are some ways you can cut your calories the next time you eat Italian.
1. Forget the formaggio! Cheese tastes good, but all those calories add up fast. Limit the amount of cheese in more...

3 Reasons to Skip the Quick Fix Diet

It seems like just yesterday we were all earnestly and excitedly making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight by eating healthier and exercising more and getting off the fad diet roller coaster.  Here we are in May, and like so many others whose resolutions quickly faded in the grey January light, you may be considering one of those quick fix diets to help boost your summer confidence.  Whatever you do, step away from the fads, pills and phony promises.  The best way to more...

Start Your Own Healthy Plate Club

Are you looking for a new way to spend time with friends and lose weight?  It may be time to start your own Healthy Plate Club to take advantage of the culinary creativity of restaurants while spending time with others.  In fact, with whom we eat and what they eat can have a significant impact on our own choices – for better or worse.  Research has shown that we have a knack for mimicking more...

Eat Up to Slim Down for Summer

Here we are in April, just a matter of weeks from the official start of summer, and it seems like just yesterday we were making New Year’s resolutions!  If your goal is to get back on track with healthy eating in order to slim down for summer, now is the time to start.  A diet rich in quality ingredients such as lean protein, fruits and more...

5 Steps to Adopt a Mediterranean Diet

Most likely you’ve heard a little something about the Mediterranean Diet over the last few years.  You may have heard that eating Mediterranean style can be good for weight loss or that it can improve heart health. The most more...

Spring Cleaning Your Healthy Habits

Courtesy of Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
March brings with it a few welcome rituals; the first day of spring, college basketball, and even spring-cleaning. Why not add a new rite to the mix—take stock of your “energy balance.” Balancing calories you consume with calories burned is something you can begin to do by making small changes. It is something you can practice, like yoga, and more...

How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds

Plateaus are common!  After a relatively long period of stability, our bodies tend to level off. Most people who achieve weight loss hit a plateau and can get frustrated trying to lose those last few pounds. After adapting to our new bodies, we need to make a few more changes. I often tell clients to evaluate what they’re currently doing the most. You really need to have a clear picture of all the factors – like activities or habits – that could be creating the more...

10 Foods to Help You with a Healthy Weight

Do you have a goal of losing weight?  It can be easy to fall into the “everything I have to give up” trap when you want to lose weight.  Instead, focus on all the great foods that can help you achieve your goal.  These 10 foods can not only help keep you satisfied as you work towards a healthy weight, but they also make a tasty addition to your diet.  Start enjoying these foods today to help you achieve your weight loss goal as well as all the benefits that can more...

How Weight Loss Can Improve Heart Health

Did you know that even a small amount of weight loss can greatly improve heart health?  This is a hot topic right now during American Heart Month. 

According to researchers from Washington University School of Medicine, “Losing even a little weight can greatly improve heart and vascular health, boost heart function, lower blood pressure and improve more...

Help with Healthy Resolutions When Dining Out or On-the-Go

Don’t leave your success to guessing or chance or let the passion of a New Year’s resolution fade.  Make this the year you achieve your health and weight loss goals by building a solid framework to support your efforts.  Make your vision of health a reality this year with tools and strategies like these:

Make real world goals
Let’s be honest: You probably aren’t going to change your life and health habits overnight.  more...

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