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Tips for Setting Realistic Weight-loss Goals

Courtesy of Your Weight Matters

When developing your goals for weight loss, exercise, eating health and more, it’s important to keep them realistic. Quite often, we become frustrated when we don’t see immediate weight-loss results, but it’s important not to let yourself become frustrated along the weight-loss path.


Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster

The Health Nut

She’s the one who goes to the salad bar and not only enjoys all of the steps towards wellness that you’ve taken — she defends these steps. The health nut is focused on the long-term benefits and enjoys eating healthy food, exercise, meeting deadlines and saving for retirement.

The Wild Child

The wild child doesn’t always get along with your health nut, Blatner says. Instead, the more...

There’s More to Weight Loss Than Food

The truth is that the ultimate goal of reducing calories in and boosting calories out is just the tip of the iceberg.  Real success is about more than just food and counting the calories we take in versus the calories we burn.  The healthy weight loss equation also includes several other key factors that are now being explored more in depth.  If reaching a healthy weight is on your to-do list, start with a healthy diet (calories in) and regular exercise (calories out), but don more...

4 Fitness Challenges to Start Now

Starting April 1, this 30-day Challenge will help you get fit and healthy with a daily workout, recipe, or health tip. Take the Challenge on your own, or round up friends and family to participate with you. Here are four example challenges, so you know what to expect:

Eat a High-Protein Breakfast
Eating breakfast keeps your weight in check, leaves you in a better mood, and helps you concentrate. Start your day off strong with this more...

10 Habits Stalling Your Weight Loss

Spring is here, and for many, this means weight loss and a healthy weight have once again become a priority.

While surveys indicate a changing attitude towards weight and a decline in “dieting,” the reality is that many of us are still pursuing weight loss goals.  Whether those goals are to help manage a chronic disease, lower the risk of more...

Salad Recipes That Won’t Bomb Your Diet

Fran Lebowitz once said, “A salad is not a meal.  It is a style.”  While we do believe that a salad can be a meal, it is very true that it is also a style and one that many of us should consider adopting.  The greens and grains, fruits and vegetables, the finishing touches that add flavor and texture along with nutrition all combine into a wholly unique meal that speaks to our taste buds plus delivers a wealth of diet-friendly benefits.


10 Foods to Help You Lose Weight and Lower Cholesterol

Without a doubt, achieving a healthy weight is one of the top recommendations for improving health, especially when an individual is already on the road to a more serious condition such as heart disease. In fact, just a 5%-10% weight loss can help improve cholesterol levels, one of the risk factors associated with heart disease. What if you could do something that helped you get to your healthy weight and lower cholesterol at the same time?

Thanks to ongoing research into more...

Heart Health and a Healthy Weight

The headlines may be all about swim suits and skinny jeans, but did you know there are a lot more benefits to losing weight than just what shows up on the scale? Heart Health Month is the perfect time to talk about the importance of finding your healthy weight for a healthy heart. Even just a small weight loss can have big benefits when it comes to heart health.

How’s this for some motivation?

Stop Dieting. Start Personalizing

By Sara Lucero

Have you heard? Dieting is so yesterday! Following strict one-size-fits-all calorie-, carb- and fat-cutting diets, stocking up on pre-made slimming smoothies and gulping down gut-twisting concoctions of spicy fruit juice are losing their appeal in favor of a healthy eating revolution.

Are you ready to join the diet revolution?

Instead of cutting, more and more people with health and weight loss goals are focusing on adding &ndash more...

The Best Diet Isn’t Just Another Fad

By Sara Lucero

U.S. News & World Report has released its annual ranking of popular diets, and once again the overall winner is the DASH Diet.  The panel of health experts enlisted to review the 38 popular diets considered a variety of factors, including weight loss results, restrictiveness, healthfulness and disease prevention potential, and it should be no surprise that the DASH Diet again more...

5 Game Day Foods That Won’t Tackle Your Diet

The regular football season may be over but that just means the playoffs are heating up, basketball is going strong and baseball is right around the corner! And what goes well with all of them? Good food!

If you’re a sports fan (or just happen to be hosting them), game days can be a real test of your willpower and healthy eating resolutions: wings and chips coming at you from all sides; pizza and fried onion rings ready to tackle you; maybe even brownies, cookies and ice more...

Easy Tweeks for a Healthier You in the New Year

Are you tired of the epic New Year’s resolutions? Every January, in an exciting rush, we make BIG plans for the year! Every year, the excitement fades, and few of us follow through on our big plans.

What if we started making small plans instead? Science is proving that little tweeks to our days can add up to big changes over the year, and it may be time to start really embracing those findings.

Skip the BIG New Year’s resolutions this year in favor of more...

Tips to Save Time and Eat Healthy During the Holidays

If you’re trying to keep up with last minute holiday shopping and a long list of events on top of your regular, hectic schedule, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This strategy is your best defense against holiday burn out, colds and the flu and stress.

Save time and eat healthy during the holidays with these tips from Healthy Dining’s dietitians:
  • Pre-cut and pre-prepared are more...

Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too: 10 Tips for a Balanced Diet

By: Kristen Castillo

Craving cake but know it’s more sensible to eat a salad? Prefer a sweet drink to a glass of water? You’re not alone in wanting foods and drinks that aren’t so good for you.

Healthy living can be a challenge, but it’s all about moderation and balance. Having good habits keep your body on the track to wellness. Here are 10 Healthy Dining tips to help you find that healthy balance.

  1. more...

8 Weight Loss-Friendly Recipes

It could be tempting to throw in the towel during the coming weeks as you gear up for the holidays, especially with the lure of sneaking a chocolate bar—or two or three—from your kids’ Halloween candy bags or the office candy bowl. But hold on just one minute!

Who wants to deal with the extra weight and lagging energy that throwing in the towel this time of year can more...

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