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The Importance of a Personalized Approach

By Anita Jones-Mueller
November 30, 2016

It may be time to throw out the one-size-fits-all box.  As research and technology progress, the idea of personalization for optimal health has gained momentum.  Wearables provide more and more data on our individual health habits.  Terms like “more...

5 Things You Need to Know About Avocados

By Sara Lucero

Avocados are the “IT” food right now!  Avocado toast, grilled avocados, avocado oil and the old favorite, guacamole, are taking over searches and social sites – and for good reason.  These nutritious green gems are packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and flavor and can be a delicious more...

10 Skinny Pumpkin Recipes for Your Healthy Lifestyle

By Sara Lucero

At home or eating out, make this the year that you really go wild with pumpkin without putting weight loss goals on hold.  Adding pumpkin to your meals in these ways can help boost your fiber intake and flavor without adding significant calories or saturated fat:
  • Add cubed pumpkin to soups and stews for sweet variety.
  • Toss pumpkin seeds into salads for a light crunch.
  • Mix pureed pumpkin into hot cereals for a touch of more...

Diet-Friendly Tips to Order the Best Pizza

Unfortunately, pizza also gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to health.  You may even have a serious love/hate relationship with this Italian import if you’re trying to lose some weight.  Like with any food, eating too much pizza can lead to weight gain more...

Please Pass the Pasta

“Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.”  Sophia Loren

We’ve been told for years to avoid carbs and to cut out pasta, and we say it’s time to start enjoying this Italian classic again… without the guilt!

Like so many other foods, it’s all about how you order pasta.  This food can be a great choice, even when weight loss is your goal.  Follow these simple tips, and you’re more...

Understanding the Link between Biology, Weight and Health

Courtesy of Your Weight Matters

As part of journey with weight and health, it’s important to understand that body weight and size are biologically driven. Having excess weight drives many different health risks, while weight loss drives many different health benefits. In this post, we aim to share with you some key knowledge about our bodies and our biology that shape our health, our more...

10 High Protein Snacks

We talk a lot about protein here at Healthy Dining, especially lean protein. Not only is it just a smart choice as part of a healthy diet, but it can also be an ally for weight loss. Whether it’s eggs with veggies for breakfast, a chicken sandwich for lunch, or halibut and greens over grains for dinner, protein can help satisfy hunger, boost energy expenditure and more more...

Watermelon 10 Ways

Watermelon is a signature of summer.  This time of year, it’s always piled high in grocery bins, brightening barbecue buffets and dripping juice from little fingers and happy faces.  Not only is it a tasty seasonal choice; watermelon can be a smart choice for weight loss, thanks to its high water content (it’s 92% water!) and low calories.  If that’s not enough, watermelon is packed with cancer-fighting lycopene and can help you stay hydrated.

Sure more...

How Chefs Are Helping You Lose Weight

We hear so much about restaurants and the negative impact they can have on our weight.  Lists regularly round up the worst choices at restaurants, the worst restaurants and more.  How often do we hear the positive moves restaurants are making to help us meet our health goals?

Working so closely with restaurants over the years, the team at Healthy Dining has seen first-hand how restaurants are rising to the challenge of offering the better-for-you choices more...

Reasons Why Dieting May Not Work

Dieting is often our default method for weight-loss. If you want to lose weight, you simply change the way you eat, and the pounds will come off – right? That’s why there are so many diets out there – because it works…right? But does it really? more...

6 Salad Recipes for Warm Summer Nights

Are you so DONE with salads?  The same old greens and dressing with some grilled fish or chicken is so yesterday!  If you’re trying to eat healthier or lose weight, chances are you’ve considered adding more salads to your weekly menu but that doesn’t mean they have to be a dull chore for your taste buds.
Changing up your salads, whether you’re trying a new recipe or ordering an interesting new choice at a restaurant, can make more...

Eat These Foods for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, success often comes down to the small changes you make day to day.  These small changes include adding more good-for-you food choices like fruits and vegetables to your meals throughout the week.  We’ve talk about the benefits of lean protein as part of a weight loss diet.  Fruits and vegetables can also be a powerful ally on your road to a healthy weight more...

Men: What You Need to Know About Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight and ran across this list… Awesome!  Studies show that even modest weight loss of 10% body weight can have a positive impact on your health and risk of certain lifestyle diseases.  Maybe your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or doctor sent this article your way to help nudge you toward some weight loss goals.  Even better more...

Ways to Measure Your Success Beyond Stepping on the Scale

Courtesy of Your Weight Matters
On the journey with weight, it’s important to maintain your motivation and positivity when reaching for your goals. It may seem like keeping an eye on that number on the scale — and watching that number decrease over time — is the only way that you can truly see success, but there are other ways to know you’re more...

Waist-Friendly Memorial Day Choices


Try these easy tips to make your Memorial Day barbeque light and healthy:

  • For pre-dinner appetizers, stick to the veggie tray or fresh fruit (dipping your fruits and veggies into yogurt and hummus will also add an extra punch of protein).
  • If you know the host is making hot dogs and hamburgers, bring along your own lean turkey burger or veggie burger to throw on the grill with everyone more...

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