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Healthy Family Habits for the Holidays

By Together Counts

If you’re like most people, this time of year doesn’t exactly inspire extra workouts and light meals. And when January rolls around, you’re motivated to get moving again in an effort to trim that bit of holiday “cheer” you accumulated during the season.

Instead of indulging now—with high hopes of rightsizing your portions and your waistband in the New Year—try to end 2015 with a healthy start and a few new more...

5 Ideas to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

Are kids your toughest mealtime critics?  Getting kids to eat healthy without a battle is often a top priority for parents.  When eating out, look for healthier kids’ menu choices like grilled chicken strips and shrimp, sweet sides of fruit, dipping veggies and low-fat milk and yogurt.  Kids LiveWell menu choices can help take the guesswork out of making the best choice.

At home, try these ideas from more...

Framing Fall Fun

By Together Counts
The back to school shockwave is over, and your family is probably beginning to settle in to the rhythm of the new season. So what are you going to do this weekend as a family? Plan now for some fun, outdoor activities that combine the best of the season with some family togetherness.  
We encourage busy families to check out the Together Counts™ program. There are more...

Video: How This Mom Makes Healthy Kid-Friendly Meals

There is no question that feeding kids can be tough! There’s no one-size-fits-all “how-to” manual to do it, and balancing the right foods, the right textures and the right flavors in a way that works for your family can be an adventure in trial and error.

Cuisinicity’s Catherine Katz, PhD, could be considered an expert when it comes to finding the family food balance, thanks to raising 5 healthy kids (not more...

Kids in the Kitchen

While restaurants can be a great option for busy families throughout the week, getting kids cooking in the kitchen is a must, too.  Cooking together as a family teaches kids more than just how to make a recipe!  When eating out, opt for Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices to demonstrate the importance more...

6 Tips to Sidestep Sodium

Courtesy of Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD, CDE of SuperKidsNutrition

Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD, CDE, is a registered dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator® with a masters in nutrition education. She is founder of SuperKids Nutrition Inc., where she is “saving the world, one healthy food at a time.” Read more about her more...

Take Five and Win for Your School

September has to be the busiest month of the year for families with school-aged kids. And it isn’t just “back” to school and the same old routines. Moving up a rung on the education ladder resets every September, and so everything is hectic and new for those first few (fun?) weeks of fall. Maybe at your house, it’s the first time heading to pre-K, riding the elementary bus, or participating in an afterschool enrichment program or sports practice.

Working more...

Back to School: Get Your Vitamin C with this Recipe

It’s back to school season.  That means new schedules, new school supplies, new friends and plenty of new germs – new germs that are happy to come home to the whole family.  Fight back with food!  A diet packed with immunity-boosting foods rich in vitamin C can help keep everyone going strong all year.  We all know that oranges can deliver vitamin C, but it may be time to consider even more powerful foods like bell peppers, pineapple and broccoli at every meal.

Celebrating 4 Years of Kids LiveWell

How time flies! To celebrate those 4 delicious years of healthier kids’ meals, Healthy Dining partner Kids LiveWell organized a not-to-be-missed Twitter party. Parents, restaurants, health professionals, chefs, bloggers, and more took to phones and computers to talk food and it couldn’t have been more fun.
Here are just some of our favorite highlights from the #4YrsofKidsLiveWell Twitter party:

There’s no doubt that everyone who attended this epic more...

Confessions of a Failed Foodie: How to Survive the Back To School Mom Guilt

Healthy Dining partner The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), formed in 2009, is a first-of-its–kind coalition that brings together 300 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations aimed at doing their part to help families and schools reduce obesity, especially childhood obesity. Together Counts, the more...

Nutrition Mentors Help Kids Build Healthy Habits

Research indicates that many healthy eating habits are developed at an early age, from choosing healthful ingredients such as lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables to tuning into hunger cues to avoid overeating and even opting for the best choices at restaurants, such as the Kids LiveWell menu choices featured on HealthyDiningFinder.  As with anything else kids learn more...

2 Videos That Make Healthy Eating Cool!

It’s not always easy to entice kids to eat healthy.  As important as it is to growing bodies, it’s often just one more thing parents are telling their kids to do during the day:
  • Make your bed.
  • Pick up your toys.
  • Eat your broccoli.
  • Wa, Wa-Wa, Wa, Wa
If your kids have started tuning out the “good food for healthy bodies” message, it may be time for back up.  The Katz kids are here to help more...

Eight Easy-To-Implement Tips to Eat Right

Article by Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD, CDE

  1. Let fruits and vegetables reign in your house! Keep them washed, peeled, cut and available in plain sight such as the front of the fridge, on kitchen countertops, on the dining table, etc. Keep chips and pretzels out of sight. Better yet – limit purchasing more...

School Rewards Program – A Mouthwatering Kick-Off

The Healthy Dining School Rewards Program, an innovative partnership involving local restaurants designed to raise funds for school fitness and wellness programs at Poway elementary schools, has launched. Are you ready to EAT. SCAN. PLAY? The groundbreaking EAT. SCAN. PLAY. concept, whose development is funded by the National Institutes of Health, was unveiled at a red carpet celebration and tasting event more...

Calling All Nutrition Detectives!

By Catherine Katz, PhD

When it comes to kids, I know a thing or 2...or 5! My husband and I have 5 wonderful ones of our own: Rebecca, Corinda, Valerie, Natalia and Gabe, now ranging in age between 15 and 25. He, Dr. David Katz, is a world renowned nutrition and public health expert, and I have gone from being a full time neuroscientist to a full time stay-at-home mom.  Together, we have more...

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