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Obesity.  It’s the word of the day and a major health concern here in the United States.  Rates of obesity have continued to rise, along with health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes.  The good news is that more and more families are choosing to make health a priority and taking steps to reverse the obesity trend for all ages.
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According to Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and Together Counts, halting the rise of obesity by the year 2020 may be as easy as 41 (for kids) or 100 (for adults) calories per day.

A study by Claire Wang, MD, ScD, Tracy Orleans, PhD and Steven Gortmaker, PhD that appeared in the May 2012 American Journal of Preventative Medicine concluded that in order to close the “energy gap” for children, a reduction of 41 calories per child and adolescent per day would halt rising obesity levels in the United States. Additionally, James O. Hill, PhD, has documented that reducing an average of 100 calories per adult per day will close the adult energy gap.

Whether it’s a family walk after dinner, checking nutritional facts on packaging, lower calorie Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell choices at restaurants, or simply staying hydrated, small changes can make a big difference.  Check out the infographic on Together Counts for more ideas to reduce the energy gap.

When dining out at restaurants, search for Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices to see dietitian picks like these with nutritional information:

Entrée Chicken Salad at Aquatica
(320 calories, 10 g fat, 200 mg sodium)
Located in Orlando, CA

Kids LiveWell Turkey on Gold Fish Bread at Friendly’s
(Fruit, Lean Protein)
Located Eastern U.S.

Philadelphia Roll at How Do You Roll?
(300 calories, 14 g fat, 550 mg sodium)
Located in AZ, CA, FL, TX


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