Healthy Dining Finder - The Benefits of 'Stealth Health'

The Benefits of 'Stealth Health'

The Benefits of 'Stealth Health'

Chefs, restaurateurs quietly adjust recipes to accommodate consumers' health concerns.

As health-conscious Americans take a greater interest in the foods they consume, chefs and restaurateurs are seeking to address this trend by devising more nutritious menu selections that meet the demands of their customers.

However, while a growing number of consumers may be looking for more nutritious alternatives, menu items chiefly promoted as possessing a health halo can often frighten away customers who reflexively assume such items lack interest or flavor.

Consequently, chefs and operators face the challenge of developing menu items that are both healthful and flavorful, while convincing their customers that such dishes do not mean that they will have to sacrifice one for the other. Read More
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Today's top choice is the Veggie Burger at Denny's.
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6 Hydrating Recipes

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Ancient Grains

10 New Ways to Enjoy Them

Interested in ancient grains but unsure of tasty ways to make them? The Internet is full of food bloggers and health aficionados whipping up creative, modern ways to enjoy ancient grains.
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