Healthy Dining Finder - 9 Ways to Bounce Back From a Super Lazy Weekend

9 Ways to Bounce Back From a Super Lazy Weekend

9 Ways to Bounce Back From a Super Lazy Weekend

8/17/2016 article featuring Healthy Dining:

When it comes to our health, no one is perfect, and we all have those weekends where the drinks are flying and the heavy brunch meals are abundant. We tend to not feel so great after these activities, and come Monday, we'll need some ways to recover from our unhealthy weekend. You might be tempted to do a juice cleanse and stay in your bed for days, but there are healthier, and more well-balanced ways to feel better after a few days of unhealthy choices, and they don't have to feel like punishments.

"Whether you were on vacation or spent the weekend BBQing with friends, mini indulgences are completely normal and sometimes essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle long-term," says Nancy Snyder, M.S., R.D., culinary dietitian at Healthy Dining over email. "Instead of letting guilt or regret set in Monday morning, reward your body with fresh fuel, hydration, and fun activity."

There's no need to feel bad about your weekend, but instead you just need to look forward to restart your healthy habits. If you've had an unhealthy weekend and want to bounce back from feeling under the weather, here are nine ways to get back on track and start feeling better. More.

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