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Souplantation creates an exceptional, all-you-care-to-eat dining experience with a daily selection of made-from-scratch soups and salads and hand-crafted muffins, focaccia, breads and tasty desserts. The restaurants provide guests with the freedom to create their own wholesome meals with freshly prepared, great-tasting recipes and a salad bar full of seasonal vegetables and tossed salads prepared exhibition-style every 20 minutes.

Souplantation satisfies a healthy lifestyle with everyday menus that fit many dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. Souplantation restaurants are open daily for lunch and dinner and also for a special Sunday Breakfast (in select locations) that features a variety of delicious morning favorites in addition to regular selections. For more information, visit
Regional menu selections may vary.

Nutrition information provided by Souplantation

Healthy Dining Choices at Souplantation:

Prepared Salad: Joan's Broccoli Madness (1/2 cup)

Sodium Savvy

Tossed Salad: Caesar Salad Asiago (1 cup)

Sodium Savvy

Tossed Salad: Wonton Happiness (1 cup)

Sodium Savvy

Soup: Santa Fe Black Bean Chili (1 cup)

Soup: Big Chunk Chicken Noodle (1 cup)

Bakery: Buttermilk Cornbread (1 piece)

Sodium Savvy

Bakery: Wildly Blue Blueberry Muffin (1 piece)

Sodium Savvy

Bakery: Quattro Formaggio Focaccia (1 piece)

Sodium Savvy

Bakery: Garlic Asiago Focaccia (1 piece)

Sodium Savvy

Bakery: Cheesy Garlic Focaccia (1 piece)

Sodium Savvy

Desserts: Chocolate Lava Cake (1/2 cup)

Sodium Savvy

Desserts: Sugar-free Chocolate Mousse (1/2 cup)

Sodium Savvy

Desserts: Tapioca Pudding (1/2 cup)

Sodium Savvy

Dressing: Fat-Free Honey Mustard (2 Tbsp.)

Dressing: Fat-Free Italian (2 Tbsp.)

Dressing: Fat-Free Ranch (2 Tbsp.)

To find out why these menu items were selected, please see Nutrition Criteria. The nutrition values listed represent approximations only.


N/A Data not available
Sodium Savvy Sodium Savvy
* If you request no added salt
Sodium Savvy Order according to the Special Request instructions to obtain the nutrition values listed here.

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