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Pasha's Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine Menu

Pasha's Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine was established in 2001 with its first location on Lincoln Road, South Beach. Now, Pasha's has locations throughout South Florida and can be seen near most hot spots of Miami. Pasha's menu consists of top quality food products that are delicious and healthy. Dishes are all natural and contain no additives, preservatives, MSG and trans fats. Meals are portion controlled for optimal health. For a phenomenal catering experience, many individuals, celebrities and organizations trust Pasha's for tailor-made catering services. Pasha's has created strong ties with various partners, including medical facilities, health clubs, nutritionists, educational establishments, and chambers. Pasha's local work towards healthy living has been such a success that Pasha's has even opened its doors at the University of Miami Wellness Center and at the Sports Club LA at the Four Seasons Hotel. Pasha's approach to health and wellness is so unique that it is the only restaurant that has implemented menu programs with its partners in order to educate and assist individuals in living full, healthy lifestyles. Pasha's nutritionally balanced and healthy cuisine is a perfect solution for healthy dining and great tasting food.

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