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Top 15 Taste of Health Posts of 2016

Treating yourself well at restaurants can be a tasty part of a healthy lifestyle!  
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Here are the top 15 Taste of Health posts of 2016 that prove just how good it can be with tips, ideas and recipes to flavor your life:
  1. Slideshow: Weird But Tasty Cancer-Fighting Fruits You may know the basics of cancer-fighting foods, but do you know about these off-beat fruits?
  2. 10 Vegan Recipes Plant-based diets are getting more and more positive press. Start adding more of their health benefits to your diet with these vegan recipes.
  3. How to Make the Best Choices at Any Restaurant Who says you have to give up eating out at restaurants to live a healthy lifestyle?  Follow these tips to find the best choices wherever you are.
  4. 10 Things Fit and Happy People Do Differently It’s no secret.  These habits have been linked to a fitter and happier lifestyle.
  5. Sodium, Sugars and Saturated Fats—Oh My! There have been a lot of stories this year about sodium, sugars and saturated fats.  Here’s what you should know about these macronutrients.
  6. Healthy Soup Recipes To Chase Away the Cold Cozy up with these satisfying soup recipes loaded with nutrition.
  7. 10 Tempting Mediterranean-Inspired Recipes from Oldways Try a new Mediterranean recipe today to take advantage of a wealth of health benefits.
  8. Skip the Meat. Grill These Instead Think outside the patty with these meatless grill choices.
  9. Take Back Your Appetizers Who says appetizers have to be stuffed, fried and saturated with sauce?  Follow these tips to lighten them up in the tastiest ways.
  10. The Vegan Burger Recipe You’ve Been Looking For Some consider this to be the ultimate quest, a great vegan burger.  Catherine Katz of Cuisinicity thinks she’s found it in this recipe!
  11. 5 Grains to Help Lower Your Cholesterol Whole grains are a must as part of a healthy diet for nutrition and a healthy weight. These 5 go above and beyond with cholesterol-busting benefits.
  12. Chicken Lettuce Wrap Frenzy This popular appetizer and entrée can be a healthy choice. Check out these tasty picks.
  13. 15 Mouthwatering Mediterranean Recipes Mediterranean foods are a popular choice for flavor and health benefits.  Here are 15 more recipes to help beef up your menu this week.
  14. 15 Exotic Burger Recipes to Spice Up Your Weekend For the more adventurous palates out there, these recipes can help add a new twist to burger night.
  15. 3 Healthy Swaps to Save Money at Restaurants Healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank! Check out these swaps to help you save money while you treat yourself well.
What was your favorite tip or recipe from 2016?  What would you like to see more of in 2017?


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