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Healthy Snack Tips and Recipes from Cuisinicity

How to build a healthy snack with these tips and snack recipes from Catherine Katz of Cuisinicity
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Have you heard?  Americans have developed a love affair with snacking!  Between breakfast, lunch and dinner and even sometimes in place of those larger meals, we are snacking our way through the day.  This used to be considered a sure way to grow your waistline and spoil your dinner, but some research is now indicating that eating smaller, more frequent meals and snacks could be a smart strategy for a healthy diet. The key is choosing the right snacks to enjoy.  

Just like our dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining meals, the best snacks focus on quality foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.  These choices, especially when mixed and matched, can help tame hunger and keep blood sugar steady until your next meal.  These tips for healthy snacking from Catherine Katz of Cuisinicity can help you incorporate the best choices into your day between your meals:
  • Keep it Simple - Choose from a relatively short list of food such as almonds, apples, berries, carrots, cucumber, yogurt and hummus.
  • Mind this Ratio – Aim for high nutrients to low calories (think veggies with low-fat Greek yogurt) vs. low nutrients to high calories (think donuts) to keep your health and diet on track.
  • Organize Your Kitchen Accordingly – Keep grab-and-go, high-nutrient snacks front and center
Learn more about this tips and how to add them to your daily routine on Cuisinicity.  Catherine provides a wealth of healthy recipes on her site, including smart snack choices like Simply Spinach Dip and Simply Cinnamon Apples.  Watch how easy they are to whip up and have on hand in the video below:


Be sure to round out your smart snacking with dietitian-recommended menu choices like these at restaurants coast to coast:
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