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Healthy Dining Tips for Country Singer Clayton Anderson

Country music star Clayton Anderson spends a lot of time on tour. This summer he’s on his “In the Dark” tour, performing across the country.
With a busy schedule, Anderson often ends up eating in a hurry. He tries to be calorie-conscious and eat healthy but admits he can use a little help. That’s why the singer asked Healthy Dining for some nutritious and delicious eating on-the-go advice.
Healthy Food

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Anderson, who doesn’t have any allergies, says he “loves pretty much everything except relish and butter pickles.”
He enjoys eating fast food including sandwiches, chicken, burgers and Mexican food. Healthy Dining dietitians have made some healthy and savory meal suggestions.
Fast Food
When he hits up his favorite chicken restaurant, Anderson typically orders grilled nuggets or grilled chicken strips with lemonade and waffle fries.
Dietitian’s take: The grilled chicken is a great choice, as the lean protein will give him lots of energy for his shows. We suggest swapping the fries for a side of fresh fruit.
Instead of lemonade, there’s a healthier choice that’s equally refreshing: unsweetened tea with or without lemon, which is tasty and doesn’t have added sugars, which can contribute to inflammation.
Restaurant Picks:
Denny's Build Your Own Chicken Breast Burger
Deg's Flame Grilled Chicken Peri Peri Grilled Chicken Wrap
Anderson enjoys Mexican food as a meal and for late night snacks, too. He typically orders a steak burrito bowl with brown rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole and lettuce. He gets it as a to go order, “only so I can shake it up.”
For his late night snack, Anderson often orders three soft shell tacos with added tomato.
Dietitian’s take: The singer is already doing a pretty good job by ordering brown rice and packing on the veggies.  We recommend getting the cheese and guacamole on the side so they can be added as needed. He might substitute grilled chicken for the beef, as the chicken is often lower in calories and saturated fat. If beef is a must, look for leaner cuts like sirloin.
On the taco order, his choice of soft shells instead of hard shells is smart, as the hard shells are deep-fried. Make it even healthier by asking for whole wheat or corn tortillas, which include whole grains and are more nutritious than white flour tortillas. Next, watch portions – for a lighter snack, maybe order just one or two tacos instead of three; and add more veggies for color and flavor!
Restaurant picks:
R Taco's Two Chicken Fajitas Tacos
Extreme Pita's Salsa Verde Steak Extreme Entree 
Casa de Bandini's Fish Tacos
Anderson loves eating burgers, but he only wants to indulge when he finds a good one.
“I’m all about a good burger, but the more I’ve travelled and experienced, it’s really actually kinda tough to find a great burger,” he says. “So I hold out until I can get at a great local burger shop somewhere.”
Dietitian’s take: We’re glad Anderson is picky about his burgers. Focus on a burger you really enjoy, especially if it’s going to be a more decadent splurge. Here are some tips to build a healthy burger:
  • Be Lean. Choose lean cuts of beef like round and sirloin. Order grass-fed burgers, which are leaner than traditional burgers.
  • Go bunless! If calories are a concern, lose the bun and wrap your burger in lettuce instead. If you still want a bun, order a wheat bun, which has more fiber.
  • Watch the condiments. Mayo and creamy sauces can be dense in calories without offering many nutrients. Substitute ketchup and mustard for lower calorie flavor.
Restaurant Picks:
Gimme A Burger's Bison Burger
Burger Lounge’s Vegetarian Burger
MOOYAH's Turkey Burger on Multigrain Wheat Bun
A fan of sandwiches, Anderson likes turkey, roast beef and tuna. His go-to sandwich is ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.
Dietitian’s take: The country star is making good choices by eating lean proteins like turkey. Both tuna and the singer’s favorite sandwich have mayo, which can add extra calories. Request less or try mustard or a little oil and vinegar on the sandwich, which are full of flavor. Also keep an eye out for grilled fish filet sandwiches in place of traditional tuna salad.
Cheese, which has calcium and protein, can be part of a balanced diet - just watch portions to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.
Load up the sammy with crunchy and tasty veggies like lettuce, spinach, tomato, peppers and onions.
Restaurant picks:
Schlotzsky's Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich  
Frullati's Tuna Pecan Sandwich on a Wheat Roll
How do you stay on track with a healthy diet when you’re travelling?  Wherever the summer takes you, search for dietitian-recommended choices near you!


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