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Eating Vegetarian at Restaurants

Are you a vegetarian? Try these go-to options at some of your favorite restaurants for all the flavor without the meat.
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Are you a vegetarian? Even if your answer is no, you may be eating less meat these days. Some of us are cutting back for financial reasons (it's expensive!), some for health reasons and some for environmental reasons or personal beliefs.  Whether you’re giving meat and poultry up entirely or experimenting with it through a “flexitarian” diet, restaurants can still fit into your healthy lifestyle.  Try these go-to options at some of your favorite restaurants:
  • Salads with nuts, beans or cheese – Plenty of vegetables, sometimes fruit, and a plant-based protein are all mixed into one convenient dish to help you meet your daily recommended intake.
  • Burritos and wraps – Forget the beef and chicken and go for beans and rice or tofu with vegetables in a whole wheat tortilla or wrap.
  • Soup – Choose bean and/or vegetable soups, such as minestrone, and pair them with salad or whole grain bread
  • Eggs – Try them scrambled, hard boiled and request as an addition to a salad, folded with vegetables in an omelette, and the list goes on and on.

Below are just some of the many great meatless choices you can find at restaurants. 

Black Bear Diner - Veggie Burger
Bok Bok Fresh - Hummus and Feta Wrap
BurgerMeister - Portabello Veggie Sandwich
El Cholo Restaurants - Fresh Vegetable Fajita - SPECIAL REQUEST
Eno Terra - Jersey Greens - SPECIAL REQUEST
Finbars Italian Kitchen - Vegetarian Pizza (1/2 pizza)

What are your favorite vegetarian options at restaurants?




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