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Celebrating Healthy Men: June is Men’s Health Month

This month, we welcome the official start of summer and celebrate Father’s Day. It’s also occasion for guys to focus on wellness, as June is Men's Health Month. On the 16th of the month, "Wear Blue Day," men are encouraged to sport blue in support of healthy men – and boys, too. 
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By: Kristen Castillo

Men’s Health Network, an international non-profit organization whose mission is to share health awareness messages with boys, men and their families, spearheads the men’s health movement.

Here are some tips to help men get and stay healthy all year round.

Go to the Doctor
Staying healthy entails regular doctor visits. Men make half as many preventive doctors’ visits as women. Yet checkups are important for both women and men to keep their health on track.

Get Health Screenings
Statistics show that on average, men in the U.S. live about five years less than women. Getting regular health screenings for illnesses and diseases, including for heart health, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and some cancers such as prostate cancer, can help men stay aware of their concerns and potentially prevent getting sick.

Move It!
Regular exercise can also keep men healthy. The benefits of working out can include weight loss, stronger bones, lower risk of diabetes and colon cancer, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

Healthy Habits
Men can improve their health by improving their lifestyles. Start with nourishing foods, including eating at least one fruit and vegetable at every meal. Make healthy choices when going out to eat, too. Find nutritious and delicious restaurant menu choices like those on


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