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Silver - A New American Classic

Trailblazers Robert Giaimo and Ype Von Hengst have once again reinvented the classic style of an American eatery for the more sophisticated modern diner with their newest concept, Silver
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This fresh new restaurant serves familiar foods with modern flavors and style in the heart of Bethesda, MD, and delivers on the on the brand promise of “choices for how you live and a healthy dose of what you crave.”

Silver is proud to partner with more than a dozen local farms and other purveyors in the community to create their contemporary classics of all kinds.  The restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian entrées, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, late night treats, and more.  Silver also offers dietitian-recommended menu choices, featured on 

Here are just some of the choices you can find to enjoy as part of your healthy lifestyle:

Low-Fat Vegetarian Omelet
Start the day deliciously with this fresh take on the standard omelet. This omelet is made with Eggbeaters, low-fat cheddar, peppers, cremini mushrooms, and tomatoes and is then paired with fresh strawberries and fruit. Skip the toast on the side to keep this a dietitian-recommended menu choice (not included in nutrition information).

Salmon & White Asparagus
For dinner treat yourself to this tempting salmon dish that is the standard grilled salmon elevated. Mint pea puree, parsnip cauliflower mash, lemon garlic sauce, and preserved lemon combine to tell your taste buds the story of just how good food can be.

Pan Seared Scallops
Perfectly seasoned and seared, these sweet and tender scallops are served with lemon garlic sauce, wilted spinach, feta, cilantro, butternut squash puree, mixed vegetables.

Lemon Chicken Picatta
The classic picatta is reinvented with fresh style at Silver.  Lemon garlic caper sauce, Italian parsley, garlic spinach, butternut squash puree, and preserved lemon add a depth of flavor and palate-pleasing texture that will have you coming back again and again.

Kids' Black Bean Veggie Slider with Skim Milk
The kids aren’t forgotten at Silver!  Find several Kids LiveWell menu choices, including this slider option served on oat wheat bun with low fat cheddar. Paired with a side of vegetables and skim milk, this is a kid-friendly and nutritious meal.  Analysis does not include pickle slices served on the side.

See just how good American eateries can be when you are welcomed into Silver in Bethesda, MD. 
Find these and all of their dietitian-recommended menu choices on  Don’t forget to enjoy Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices at Silver’s sister restaurant Silver Diner.

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