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Sergio’s in Miami - Cuban and Latin Healthy Dining Choices

There are some cuisines out there that really get a bad rap.  Somehow, a few high calorie and high fat favorites have the power to doom an entire cuisine to the “splurge” or “unhealthy” list.  Latin cuisine seems to be one such culinary victim. Thankfully, participating Healthy Dining restaurants, like Sergio’s, are proving that any restaurant—serving any cuisine—can have some really tasty and healthful choices on the menu.  
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Sergio’s, located in Miami, FL, first started serving its authentic Cuban and Latin food back in 1975 with the philosophy of “Simple, Fresh & Homemade.” That philosophy sums up a commitment that has served to earn the restaurant a loyal following over the years.

From the breakfast choices to the appetizers to the variety of dine in and "Good 2 Go" entrées served at Sergio’s, you’ll find flavors that will inspire your taste buds to Mambo!  Here are just some of the many Healthy Dining choices you can enjoy at Sergio’s before heading out to do some shopping, site-seeing, or lounging at the beach:

La Flaca™ South Beach Omelet
Looking for something filling that will still keep you looking and feeling good?  Try this omelet from Sergio’s signature “La Flaca™” menu, made with egg whites, diced tomatoes, onions, green peppers, fresh spinach, and lower sodium turkey.  

Appetizer: Ceviche
This traditional Latin dish is all about fresh flavor!  The ceviche is a delicious fresh blend of shrimp marinated in citrus juice for a light, bright flavor with the added benefit of lean protein and vitamin C.

Appetizer: Whole Wheat Empanadas
Just like Abuelita used to make, this dish gets an extra boost of nutrition from the whole wheat dough.  These empanadas are made with all natural, no hormone chicken breast for added protein.

La Flaca™ Sergio’s Salad with added Mahi Mahi
When days get hot, sometimes a crisp salad is just what you need to help cool down.  This signature salad includes spring mix, blue cheese, cranberries, and grilled Mahi Mahi.  Opt for the Salad Spritzer on this and any other salad on the menu that may catch your eye. 

La Flaca™ Huevos Campero Flatbread
Talk about a fun choice!  This flatbread is topped with sautéed and iron-rich fresh spinach, two eggs (cooked your way), pico de gallo, and a garnish of fresh cilantro.

La Flaca™ Shrimp Creole "Camaron Enchilado"
This classic dish is a savory combination of shrimp and enchilada sauce, served with a garden salad and steamed vegetables as your choice of side. It may seem like a splurge, but this Healthy Dining choice provides 3¼ cups of veggies—and plenty of flavor, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Next time you’re near Miami, stop by one of Sergio’s five locations across the city to treat yourself to one of their Cuban and Latin-inspired Healthy Dining menu choices.  To find Healthy Dining menu choices in your area, search for your ZIP code or city and state on

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