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San Diego Loves Sombrero Mexican Food

Sombrero Mexican Food is a staple in San Diego. With 16 locations across the county and more beyond, it’s easy to find a Sombrero with a long list of Healthy Dining menu choices.  
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The restaurant isn’t shy either.  If you look and listen carefully you can often hear their ads on local radio and see them in local magazines and even on the occasional bus! 

Sombrero Mexican Food happens to be one of my favorite choices for a quick and stress free weeknight treat without the guilt!  Some nights it’s a must to call ahead and pick up with just a quick detour to the fresh salsa bar and sometimes we’re all about kicking back and relaxing in the little taco shop with a big reputation.  Shout out to my local Spring Valley location for getting the food out fast, hot and oh so good whether we pick up or dine in.

These days the only complaint I might have is that it’s hard to make a choice with so many new dietitian picks on the menu. Here are some of my favorites (new and old) when I head to Sombrero Mexican Food:

Veggie Burrito
This old favorite proves that you can eat burritos without doing in your diet.  The Healthy Dining version (be sure to request) includes whole pinto beans, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo and creamy guacamole and is wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.  Personally I like to skip the fresh pico on this and other choices because of the onions, and replace it with the salsa verde from the salsa bar but that is not included in the nutrition information.  This is a great pick to add extra fiber and veggies to my day and is big enough to share with one of my kiddos.

Veggie Breakfast Taco
When we’re getting an early start to go on a road trip, hit the swap meet or head to the beach, my family likes to stop for breakfast and pick up this or one of the other recommended breakfast choices at Sombrero.  This Veggie Breakfast taco is a soft breakfast taco filled with eggs, pico de gallo, potatoes, and cheddar cheese.  It includes all my favorite breakfast burrito ingredients and flavors without leaving me feeling stuffed for the day.

Healthy Chicken Bowl
This is one of the newer recommendations on the Sombrero menu and is made with seasoned shredded chicken, rice, whole pinto beans, lettuce, shredded cheese and fresh salsa.  Just the right size and loads of flavor!

Carne Asada Protein Style Burrito
Protein-style is sweeping the nation and San Diego is no exception!  The classic carne asada burrito is reinvented at Sombrero Mexican Food when you request lettuce leaves in place of the tortilla.  I never miss the extra calories and carbs with this leafy green Romaine burrito full of grilled carne asada, creamy guacamole and pico de gallo. Yum!

Have you tried the Healthy Dining menu at Sombrero Mexican Food?  What’s your favorite dietitian pick?  Find them all on

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