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Get Healthier Sushi for the Family at Sushi Maki

Have you heard that seafood is an important part of a healthy diet?  Why not grab the family and head out to enjoy some sushi at Sushi Maki for a delicious dose of seafood this week?  Sushi Maki is all about “delicious fishes, positive vibes and healthier lives,” and this restaurant continues to be an important part of the Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell programs.  Since opening in 2000, Sushi Maki has made it their goal to serve the freshest, healthiest and tastiest choices including the dietitian-recommended menu choices hand-picked and featured on  
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With a casual and relaxed atmosphere, this sushi restaurant is a great choice for the family.  No stress about eating out with kids, just good food and family time.  Sushi Maki prides itself on a menu with no preservatives, artificial additives, attitudes or ingredients.  Get your taste buds ready for some tasty choices like these:
Tiradito Tuna
Sushi lovers go wild with this option: thin cut slices of fresh tuna dressed with roasted pineapple and red serrano pepper and then topped with pineapple salsa – a fun pick packed with flavor.
Salmon Teriyaki with Brown Rice
For those who prefer their seafood cooked, this is the pick for you: grilled omega 3-rich and sushi-grade salmon is served with teriyaki sauce and brown rice on the side. (Teriyaki sauce not included in analysis listed on
Cool Kids Cali Roll with Brown Rice
Even kids can find tasty choices at Sushi Maki.  This Cali Roll includes Kanikama krab, avocado, sesame seeds and brown rice and is served with a side of edamame and orange slices.  Opt for orange juice as a beverage to round out the meal and keep this a dietitian-recommended Kids LiveWell choice.
Enjoy a healthy meal of sushi in relaxed style at Sushi Maki.  Find these and more Healthy Dining and Kids LiveWell menu choices at Sushi Maki here.

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