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“Explore Outside the Pita” with Extreme Pita

“Explore outside the pita” with Extreme Pita’s new Extreme Entrées! Loaded with whole grains, lean proteins and lots of veggies – these Extreme Entrées are a dietitian’s dream! 

Flavorful lean proteins are featured with a variety of veggies, such as roasted red bell peppers and green bell peppers, which are rich in vitamin C. Leafy greens, which are high in fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. Beans, which are a great source of lean protein and fiber! Both of which help you feel fuller for longer and, because of this can be a perfect addition to any weight loss plan.  
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All entrées are served with a seven grain mix – including whole grains like wild rice and brown rice. Whole grains have been shown to improve heart health, lower your risk for cancer, and decrease inflammation. 

And let’s not forget the pita bread served on the side, remember: everything in moderation! Carbs are your brain’s preferred fuel source – keeping you sharp as you navigate through your busy day! 

Find these and more dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining choices here.

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