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Erik’s Delicafé: Soups, Sandwiches and Salads for your Healthy Diet

Dietitian menu choices at Erik’s Delicafe
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You know you have one. That go-to deli that serves sandwiches just the way you like them, soups that remind you of home and plenty of choices for your personal diet, whatever you happen to be craving. That’s Erik’s Delicafé. It’s hard to go wrong with Erik Delicafe’s made-from-scratch soups, fresh salads, piled-high sandwiches that look as good as they taste, friendly service and plenty of locations throughout the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas. Erik’s Delicafé is just the kind of go-to deli so many of us rely on!

It may be hard to choose just one soup, sandwich or other choice to enjoy at Erik’s Delicafé, but Healthy Dining’s dietitians can give you a nudge in the right direction with a long list of hand-picked options from which to choose at the deli. Here are just a few to help you work up an appetite.

"Texas Jailhouse" Chili®, Bowl (9 oz.)

If you know anything about the San Francisco Bay Area, you know a good bowl of hot chili is a must! Warm up while you load up on fiber and protein with this "Texas style" chili cooked with lean ground beef, tomatoes, garlic, chopped onion, green bells and kidney beans, then spiced with cumin, cracked black pepper, chili powder, bay leaf and oregano.

Abbott's Habit Sandwich

This pick is loaded with roast beef, Swiss cheese and fresh mushrooms, heated on a sweet French roll and then topped with Erik's "Secret Goo," red onions, tomatoes and sprouts.

REO Speedwagon Sandwich

This sandwich is piled high on a sliced sourdough with smoked ham, turkey breast, and Monterey Jack cheese. Don’t forget the standard "Secret Goo," red onions, tomatoes and sprouts.

Thai Chicken Wrap

When a wrap is more your style, give this tasty one a try.  It's made with sliced chicken breast, mango, red bell pepper, mint, cilantro, peanuts, green onion, lettuce and spicy peanut sauce all stuffed in a lemon grass tortilla then served with a side of spicy Peanut Sauce.

Salsa Ranch Salad (Special Request)

Get an extra dose of tasty veggies with this crisp, fresh salad. Grilled chicken breast, fresh avocado, cheddar cheese, corn, black beans and tomatoes served on crisp Romaine lettuce, topped with crispy tortilla strips. Request dressing on the side; not included in analysis (1 Tbs. = 60 calories, 6 g fat, 110 mg sodium).

Next time you’re in the area, definitely stop by Erik’s Delicafé to try one of these or one of the many other dietitian-recommended menu choices for lunch or dinner.

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