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A Delicious California Tradition at Boudin SF

Whether you’re looking for a warm breakfast to get your day started on the right foot, a fresh and easy lunch to keep you going for the afternoon, or a casual dinner to enjoy with friends and family, Boudin SF, located throughout California, has delicious choices to satisfy your cravings.
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With roots in the very beginnings of San Francisco and a long tradition of quality baked sourdough bread, it's no surprise that Boudin SF continues to earn fans with flavor and freshness just like the first Boudin French Bakery did back in 1849. Today, the menu has grown from simply sourdough bread to include baked goods, a variety of salads, satisfying sandwiches, and more to fuel your health diet. Healthy Dining's dietitians recommend a long list of choices at this restaurant. Next time you're in the area stop in to enjoy the delicious smell of sourdough baking and one of these picks:
Granola & Greek Yogurt Parfait
Get your day started with this creamy and tasty parfait made with low-fat yogurt and fresh fruit. Simple and sweet to help you manage cravings and enjoy your healthy diet. Yogurt can be a tasty way to add protein to your meals to satisfy hunger throughout the day.
California Veggie Sandwich
This choice is a great way to add a variety of veggies to your diet. Multigrain bread is topped with Havarti, avocado, red peppers, cucumber, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, and sun-dried tomato spread. Opt for the mixed greens as a side. (The standard Balsamic Vinaigrette will add 80 calories and 8 g fat per tablespoon.) This sandwich packs over 2 cups of veggies, meaning tons of antioxidants and phytochemicals!
Tuna Salad Sandwich with Mixed Greens
This choice includes a Boudin Classic Tuna Salad Sandwich served on sourdough bread and a side of Mixed Greens.  Eating fish is an easy way to add healthy unsaturated fats and omega-3s to your diet for heart and brain health.
Kids LiveWell Kid's Turkey Sandwich
Kids at the table can order this kid-friendly and dietitian-recommended turkey sandwich on fresh sourdough bread. The sandwich is served with sweet applesauce and makes an easy choice with lean protein and fruit for growing kids.

The goodness doesn't end here! Find these and more choices the whole family can enjoy at Boudin SF on their featured page.

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