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3 Reasons to Give Lasagna Another Chance

Also known as: Delicious

Likes: Big family tables

Dislikes: Being in the diet dog house

Hobbies: Bringing people together

Find him: Gracing tables large and small from restaurants to backyard patios

Lasagna wants you back.  He understands the pressures you’ve been under to give up the carbs, cut back on calories, and more...

5 Steps to Adopt a Mediterranean Diet

Most likely you’ve heard a little something about the Mediterranean Diet over the last few years.  You may have heard that eating Mediterranean style can be good for weight loss or that it can improve heart health. The most more...

3 Waist-Friendly Ingredients Hiding In Your Mexican Food

Have you heard that if you’re trying to lose weight, you should give up Mexican food? It’s a common recommendation: stop eating it in favor of weight loss. The common assumption is that ALL Mexican cuisine is loaded with fat and calories and can hinder weight loss efforts. We’re here to tell you… it’s false! The more...

5 Forgotten Foods

This ebb and flow of food in our lives is often just a matter of taste and preference, so what happens when healthy foods are forgotten or become the victims of slander in the media, thanks to the newest study or popular diet?  Just because they’ve fallen out of favor doesn’t mean they are any less nutritious.  In fact, they may be just what you’re looking for when it comes to weight loss, heart health, budget-friendly meals and more!

3 Reasons Bison is Back

Also known as: Buffalo or American Buffalo

Likes: Roaming plains, kitchens and menus

Dislikes: The “gamey” stereotype

Hobbies: One-upping the Beef competition with added nutrition and lower fat and calories

Find him: Roasted, grilled, ground and more...

Cilantro in the Spotlight

Also known as: Coriander leaves

Likes: Dressing up dishes the world over

Dislikes: Being described as “soapy”

Hobbies: Enjoying the sun with Basil and Parsley in the herb garden

Find him: Chopped and atop soups and main dishes from Thailand to Mexico, pureed into salsa and cilantro pesto, simmered in lentils and curries


3 Reasons to Share the Papaya

Also known as: Papaw, fruta bomba

Likes: Warm and tropical locales

Dislikes: Soggy roots and the cold – definitely unacceptable!

Hobbies: Pairing with savory friends to make taste buds dance

Find her: Adorning fruit salads, flavoring and tenderizing meats, adding a taste of the sunny tropics to smoothies

She is vibrantly more...

10 Ways to Cut Calories at Chinese Restaurants

Chinese cuisine may be known for breaded, fried and saucy choices that can do in your diet, but like so many other cuisines, it’s earned a bad rap.  Traditional Chinese food is based on some of our favorite ingredients like vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.  Who knew Chinese food could fit into a healthy eating diet so easily?
Here are some dietitian tips that can help you cut calories on your next order at a Chinese restaurant:

5 Ways to Make Weight Loss Part of the Back to School Routine

It can be a busy time of year, but with a more regular schedule than often found during the non-routine (for some) summer days, reaching your health goals may be even easier when you make that goal of weight loss part of the back to school routine.  Successful weight loss is all about making better choices every day, and here are 5 ways to do just that in between juggling kids, work, activities and more:


5 Weight Loss Tips Away from Home

So many of us travel, especially over the summer when schools are out, days are long, and the weather is warm. Whether it’s for work or for play, maintaining weight loss while you’re away can take some extra planning. Don’t put your goals on hold while you travel. Use these tips to keep going strong wherever you are.

Carry Snacks
Not only can this save you money, but carrying healthier snacks to keep hunger under control can help you make more...

4 Ways Lime Can Improve Your Diet

Also known as: Limon, Citrus

Likes: Warm and sunny weather and plenty of water

Dislikes: What dislikes?

Hobbies: Juicing – the good kind

Find him: Adding fresh flavor to pies, “cooking” fish in ceviche, making marinades memorable
Pucker up for today’s Food Friendzy featured ingredient!  He&rsquo more...

4 Risks of Crash Diets

Promises of fast weight loss with crash diets can often prove hard to resist.  If you’re like many people, you’ve probably tried at least one juice fast, grapefruit or similar diet over the years for fast weight loss, and it probably was anything BUT effective in the long run.  What you may not know is that crash diets can do more than just leave you feeling frustrated and hungry.  These kinds of diets often come with several other health risks, including these more...

Protein As Your Secret Weapon

However, there may be something to those higher protein diets.  With their explosion in popularity over the last couple of decades, researchers have tuned in and started taking a closer look.  The news is promising.  The findings of these studies point to several benefits of moderately increased protein in a calorie controlled diet, including:
  • Increased Satiety: Protein seems to have a greater more...

10 Foods to Fuel your Fitness

January may be long past, but that doesn’t mean your resolutions for healthy eating, workouts, sports and other fun activities that focus on MOVING should fall by the wayside.  In fact, with summer on the horizon you may even be inspired to fall in love with something new.  Will Futsol, Zumba, softball, tap dancing, paddle boarding or maybe even hula hooping become your new obsession in the weeks to come?  However you get daily activity, good nutrition throughout the day is more...

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