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How Did These Fried Foods Get Into Food Friendzy?

The Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, is almost upon us, and with it, eight days and nights of tradition, remembrance, food, family and fun.  While it is considered one of the “lesser” of the Jewish holidays, it has gradually become more of a celebration, thanks to its timing right in the middle of the winter holiday season.  Another reason to spend time together over a table loaded with good food?  We’re in!  So, what is Hanukkah, other than menorahs more...

Keep Losing Weight With These Thanksgiving Foods

We are just over a week away from one of the great food holidays, Thanksgiving. Yes, every holiday has its own delicious food traditions, but this one is centered on family and friends gathering around a table to give thanks and share a meal… and what a good meal it always is! In honor of this fast-approaching food-a-thon, here are some of our favorite ingredients you might be cozying up with at the table. We’ve also included some reasons why you may want to give an more...

Boost Your Diet All Year With This Holiday Fruit

You may only think of him once a year as the must-have sauce on the Thanksgiving table, but Cranberry is here to tell you that he’s ready to spend more time with you year-round. He sees you wandering the produce aisle. He watches you eyeing those sweet strawberries, juicy peaches, and crisp apples, and he’d like you to consider heading over his way a little more often.

Cranberry is a natural on salads, whirled and cooked into sauces, baked into breads and muffins and more...

Lose Weight with This Cozy Breakfast Choice

She is warm and soothing and can get any day off to a good start, especially a cold one. Oatmeal is always there for you with nutty sweet flavor and a knack for helping to lower blood cholesterol, but it’s her high fiber content that can help boost your weight loss. Oatmeal is more...

This Whole Grain has More Than 50 Shades

Also known as: Maybe a little “wild” sometimes, but she’s still simply Rice

Likes: The scenery… wherever she’s planted, from mountains to valleys around the world
Dislikes: Weeds and bugs, processing that strips away her best nutrients

Hobbies: Soaking in the fields and gracing weddings as a symbol more...

He Can Warm Up You and Your Diet

He’s hot and maybe a little spicy, and he wants to help warm you up on a cold fall day. He’s Chili, and his one-dish goodness can be a wholesome and nutritious choice for lazy weekends or busy weeknights, whatever your health goals may be. It’s all in how he’s put together.

There’s great debate about Chili’s origins and true ingredients. He’s warmed explorers, sustained cattle drivers, and kept family bellies full more...

Lose Weight While You Celebrate Taco Day

Taco Day is October 4th, and you’ve probably noticed that we here at Healthy Dining always like a good food celebration!  So in the spirit of this legendary and oh-so-delicious food, we’ve put together a Food Friendzy Fiesta this week that is all about Taco.  
He’s been around in his most basic form as long as anyone can remember, but more...

3 Easy and Healthy Ways to Enjoy Pear

Also known as: “Gift of the Gods”—per Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey

Likes: The temperate Pacific Northwest and similar locales worldwide

Dislikes: Being eaten before he’s really ripe… he is not at his best when he’s green and crunchy

Hobbies: Sitting for portraits (Have you seen all the paintings he’s in?)


6 Recipes to Tempt the Fig Fanatic

Also known as: Heaven on earth to those who love them

Likes: Warm summer sun, cool winter nights, and Fig wasps

Dislikes: Over handling…be gentle, please!

Hobbies: Sweetening up your diet

Find Her: Paired with creamy cheese, baked in desserts, topping savory meats, and adorning kitchen table fruit bowls

Fig is back in more...

How Honey Can Sweeten Your Diet

Also known as: Would a sweetener by any other name taste as sweet?

Likes: Clover, orange blossom, blueberry, buckwheat, and many other aromatic plants.

Dislikes: Her risk to babies.  She and babies aren’t a good fit due to the risk of botulism and babies’ inability to fight off the bacteria.

Hobbies: Sweetening family gatherings and helping to more...

This Ingredient Is Nutritious and Budget-Friendly

September is Whole Grains Month, and we’re throwing a big delicious party in their honor!  Honestly, we are HUGE fans of these hard working little ingredients.  Forget Bieber Fever, we’re burning for bulgur, fired up about farro, melting for millet, and screaming for spelt.  Go ahead and laugh; we’re kind of nerdy that way.  This is Food Friendzy, after more...

This Fruit Could Be Your Diet’s Best Friend

Also known as: Melon or varietal names, like Pixie, Little Baby Flower, Yellow Doll, Crimson Sweet, Extazy

Likes: Summer, summer and summer

Dislikes: The sun is shining and everyone is on vacation and happy, what’s there to dislike?

Hobbies: Cooling and hydrating


Our Pal Panini

4 Steps to One Hot and Healthy Panini
Also Known As: Sandwich

Likes: A nice hot press

Dislikes: Sticking to the press

Hobbies: Getting wild with ingredients

Find Him: On restaurant menus and kitchens from here to Italy
Panini is one HOT food, in all the best ways.  We’re drooling just thinking about more...

How do you use Fennel?

Also known as:
Often confused with her cousins, Dill and Anise

Likes: A good dry heat any day of the week

Dislikes: Being taken for granted

Hobbies: Dabbling in herbal healing

Find Her: Not as often as she’d like in the U.S., more...

3 Reasons to Share the Papaya

Also known as: Papaw, fruta bomba

Likes: Warm and tropical locales

Dislikes: Soggy roots and the cold – definitely unacceptable!

Hobbies: Pairing with savory friends to make taste buds dance

Find her: Adorning fruit salads, flavoring and tenderizing meats, adding a taste of the sunny tropics to smoothies

She is vibrantly more...

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