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Maximize Fiber: Sweet Potato and Bean Chili Recipe

Weight loss-friendly fiber is taken to the max with this soothing and tasty Sweet Potato and Bean Chili recipe from NourishRDs and Shopwell.
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This recipe and post come to you from Shopwell and the fabulous dietitians over on the NourishRDs blog. It's the perfect dish to try for National Nutrition Month and one that is sure to become a favorite throughout the year. Fiber-rich beans and sweet potatoes are simmered with fiery spices like cumin and chili and sweet fire-roasted tomatoes for a hearty meal that is as waistline-friendly as it is delicious.

High fiber foods like beans, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains have been linked to lower body weights and healthier weight loss. Why not add more fiber to your day with this tasty recipe to help with a healthy weight? Here’s what our friends at Shopwell have to say about this tasty recipe:

With winter hanging on, something about spending the night in and watching a good movie with a big, warm bowl of soup or chili sounds just so…nourishing. Soups, stews, and chilis are always a great go-to meal because they’re easy to prepare, you can load them with nutrition, and they make great leftovers.

This chili recipe comes courtesy of our friend and fellow dietitian, Marcy, who made this dish for us last year. Ever since our first bite, we've been hooked! This recipe takes a nice spin on a classic chili by using sweet potatoes, a favorite seasonal veggie.

If you’re short on time, using canned beans as opposed to dried ones can make your life a whole lot easier. Just be sure to use low-sodium varieties when available or rinse them before tossing them in. You can also add all the ingredients to your slow-cooker in the morning or afternoon and by dinnertime, it will be ready to eat! 

Sweet Potato & Bean Chili – Get the Recipe

The NourishRDs recommend topping with ingredients such as salsa, shredded cabbage, guacamole, a dollop of low-fat Greek yogurt or cheese to boost flavor and nutrition. How will you savor it? 

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