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Dear Dad…15 Things You Can Do For Men’s Health Month

It’s Men’s Health Month. Father’s Day is right around the corner.  We know you’re not one for fluff, so we’re going to keep it short and sweet.  
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Here are 15 things you can do this month to feel better, help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and lose weight.

  1. Start the day with a glass of water – hydration is a good thing.
  2. Eat whole grains – all that fiber can help keep your blood cholesterol levels in check. ‘Nuff said.
  3. Go lean on the protein – your heart and belt will thank you.
  4. Join a league – it’s a fun way to exercise, meet people and get OUT of the house already.
  5. Eat fruits and veggies with every meal – suck it up and do it! You might even enjoy them!
  6. Eat some seafood – omega 3s are good for your heart and brain.
  7. Make a wellness appointment – with your chiropractor, naturopath, doctor, dietitian or massage therapist.
  8. Take a walk – with your kids, with the dog, with yourself. Movement is good.
  9. Go easy on the sodium – that vein on your forehead should only be popping out when you’re angry (did we mention how sorry we are about the car?).
  10. Give Meatless Monday a try – more plants, less meat, even if it’s just one day a week
  11. Get pumped – it takes strong muscles to give us good lift when you throw us in the air or the pool.
  12. Play – throw the dog a ball, wrestle with us, go swimming, get a basketball game together with friends, relax and have some fun (again, the forehead vein scares us).
  13. Sleep – you can’t outwit us when you’re sleep deprived.
  14. Eat out smarter – a double cheeseburger with lettuce doesn’t count.
  15. Try something new – like any of the above!

We love you.  We want you to be healthy and happy.  Happy Men’s Health Month and Father’s Day!  

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