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Roasted Beets Salad with Seared Tuna from Table 100

This red beet salad with seared tuna is sure to impress!
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Makes 4 Servings

14 oz  Yellowfin Ahi
0.5 tsp  Montreal Seasoning
8 cups  Baby Arugula
0.5 cup  Walnut Halves
4 ounces Goat Cheese
6 Tbsp  Walnut Champagne Vinaigrette (See recipe below)
2.25 lbs  Roasted Beets (See recipe below)

1. Place beet wedges nicely on serving plate.
2. Season tuna with spice mix and sear for 20 seconds on each side.
3. Place on carving board and slice in thin slices.
4. In a stainless steel bowl, combine arugula and walnut vinaigrette together, toss gently.
5. Nicely mount arugula salad above beets, and top with walnuts and goat cheese.
6. Arrange tuna on the salad.


Roasted Beets

2.25 LBs Red Beets
2 Tbsp   Seasoned Rice Vinegar

1. Rinse beets and remove leaves.
2. Place in beets in pan and cover with aluminum foil.
3. Roast at 350 degrees F until tender, about 1.5 – 2 hours, depending on size.
4. Uncover and cool until cool enough to handle.
5. Peel while warm. 
6. Cut in wedges.
7. Marinate with seasoned rice vinegar.
8. Cover in container and refrigerate until use.

Recipe makes 4 servings.

Walnut Champagne Vinaigrette

1 tsp  Zested Lime
2.5 Each Minced Peeled Garlic
1¼ Tbsp Dijon Mustard
2½ Tbsp Honey
½ Tsp  Ginger, Ground
½ tsp  Cumin, Ground
1/3 Cup  Fresh lime Juice
1/3 Cup  Champagne Vinegar
½ Tsp  Salt
To Taste Pepper
½ Cup  Walnut Oil
½ Cup  Canola Oil

1. Add all ingredients except oil and whisk together.
2. Slowly whisk in oil until well combined.
3. Season lightly with salt and pepper to taste. 
4. Refrigerate leftover vinaigrette

Recipe makes 12 servings.

Nutrition Information Per Serving*:
490 calories, 24 g fat, 6 g saturated fat, 60 mg cholesterol, 440 mg sodium
30 g carbohydrates, 7 g fiber, 22 g sugar, 42 g protein, 2.75 cups Fruits/Veggies

* Nutrition information may vary from the item served in the restaurant.


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