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Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids

When it comes to healthy eating, there can be a lot to learn.  It’s not just about calories, or fruits and vegetables, but it’s a lot of little healthy habits that are a must for health and a good relationship with food. 
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Giving kids the opportunity to learn these healthy eating habits from an early age can help give them an understanding of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and a better appreciation of food itself.

Helping kids learn healthy habits to thrive can be as easy as regularly using prompts like these from Together Counts in conversation:

  1. Be adventurous – Don’t be afraid to try new flavors.
  2. Listen to your tummy – Tune in to cues.
  3. Sit at the table to eat – Focus on food during meal time.
  4. Eat slowly – Savor your food.

Make prompts like these a regular part of the conversation, and don’t forget to model the healthy habits you’re teaching your kids.  How do you guide kids to adopt healthy habits like these?

When eating at restaurants, opt for menu choices made with high-quality ingredients like lean protein, fruits and vegetables and whole grains to demonstrate the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Search for dietitian-recommended Healthy Dining menu choices like these on


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