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Do you love food the way that we do: the smell of something delicious simmering on the stove, the beauty of a perfectly prepared meal laid out in front of you, the way the unique flavors of foods can wash over your tongue in the most heavenly and indescribable way.  
Yeah, us too…
When you pair this flavor made to savor and high quality foods the result is something even more powerful too!  Catherine Katz, the culinary brains behind Cuisinicity, sums up this way of eating with her philosophy, “Love the food that loves you back.”  As a “French-born-and-raised foodie” who also happens to be a neuroscientist married to a well-known nutrition expert, Catherine is one of our favorite people to turn to for recipes that nourish the body and soul while tempting the taste buds every step of the way.

Out of Catherine’s philosophy has grown not only a long menu of tasty recipes on Cuisinicity but also several programs for kids, tweens and teens including Nutrition Detectives™ and Unjunk Yourself®.  Each of these programs is designed to help kids and their families better understand just how important eating well and moving often can be while providing specific strategies and tools to do just that.

Catherine has become busier than ever as her food philosophy has taken off. In recent months, she and her husband have given the keynote address at the Viva Fresh produce expo in Austin and the annual Yale Foodie event. Catherine was also invited to head up a cooking workshop at the University of Massachussetts, Amherst's 23rd Annual Culinary Chef Conference in June. There's no doubt that the Cuisinicity philosophy of cooking is resonating with organizations and individuals alike!
Catherine is a regular contributor to the HealthyDiningFinder blog, sharing recipes, techniques, videos and her personal tips for enticing kids (she has 5 of her own!) to love the food that loves them back.  Be sure to visit Cuisinicity and her posts below to find your next favorite recipe or healthy eating idea and see where Catherine may be headed next in her mission to entice America to "love the food that loves you back": 



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