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Buckle Up for Back to School

Back-to-school can feel like quite the whirlwind. It’s a very exciting time filled with new and fresh starts. Back-to-school also means back to afterschool activities! Soccer practices and dance classes are suddenly back on the calendar. 
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Incorporate the tips below into your family’s busy routine to stay healthy and active!
  1.  Plan ahead for afterschool snacks. At the beginning of the week, put some fruits and veggies like carrot sticks, blueberries and apples into portion sized bags for an easy grab-and-go afterschool snack for the kids.
  2. Frozen food is a healthy alternative that can add some quick color to your family meal! Keep your freezer stocked with frozen vegetables—a dinner timesaver for those early fall evenings when you let the kids stay at the park or soccer practice a little late for some extra running around.
  3. Don't just watch your kids play outside after school; join them! After dinner on free nights, go for a family walk or bike ride. The exercise will give the entire family clear heads and a good night sleep!
For additional tips on living a healthy and active lifestyle, visit the Together Counts™ blog and follow Together Counts program on Facebook and Twitter.
Find healthy activities to do as a family in the free Together Counts™ program. Learning how to make healthy decisions which lead to healthy habits is what the program aims to teach children in grades pre-K through 5. 



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