Healthy Dining Finder - 9 Ways Being Healthy Can Save You Money

9 Ways Being Healthy Can Save You Money

9 Ways Being Healthy Can Save You Money

Healthy Dining’s vice president of nutrition strategy is quoted in a GoBankingRates article on how being healthy can save you money. Here's an excerpt:

Eating Healthier Means Less Spent on Junk
Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat?” Well, chances are you don’t want to be a Big Mac. There is a misconception that eating healthy can be quite expensive, but if you plan meals and skip the fast food, you can easily stick to a budget that can actually be less than all those take-out or fast food meals.

But this doesn’t mean you have to avoid eating out all together. Nicole Ring, vice president of nutrition strategy at Healthy Dining, recommended budget-friendly swaps, such as beans and legumes instead of meat.

“Plant-based diets are good for you and they’re very affordable,” said Ring. “Plus you’re minimizing your consumption of the saturated fat found in meat.” 

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