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Suzanne Baligad

Administrative Manager

Suzanne, Healthy Dining’s administrative manager, has a background in many aspects of business, including accounting, finance, business development, administrative, and customer service. She has worked in both the public and private sectors and in many industries, including the restaurant industry. Suzanne is a big asset to the company, using multiple skill sets to support the sales, marketing, and nutrition teams. She is excited to be part of a dynamic company where technology is playing a greater role in successfully carrying out its mission.

Suzanne first joined Healthy Dining in 2001 to support an important social marketing campaign where she enjoyed working in several roles to raise awareness of healthy menu options and to encourage the selection of healthier restaurant meals. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from San Diego State University, Suzanne later returned to Healthy Dining to help publish the final editions of the Healthy Dining books and help with the transition to

Suzanne has a passion for dining out with her daughter, who has learned how to eat healthier, thanks to Healthy Dining’s tireless efforts to educate customers of all ages on the importance of making healthier choices. Suzanne is excited that her daughter is part of the younger, tech-savvy generation growing up with Healthy Dining in the new millennium.

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