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Olivia Schwartz, MS, RD

Program Manager, Registered Dietitian

As one of Healthy Dining’s culinary dietitians, Olivia’s responsibilities include nutrient analysis for Healthy Dining’s restaurant clients.  As program manager, she is also tasked with leading a groundbreaking effort to identify diabetes-friendly menu items from popular local San Diego restaurants on an app.  This initiative is part of a pilot research project that could ultimately benefit tens of millions of restaurant-loving Americans with diabetes.  Olivia’s interest in health and nutrition was an outgrowth of personal experience. A longtime food lover, Olivia was working at Traders Joe’s when she began walking to and from work to lose weight.  Upon witnessing the pounds drop away, Trader Joe’s regulars marveled at her successful weight loss and asked how she did it.  Olivia determined that she wanted to learn science-based ways to help others achieve similar success.  That realization prompted a new career path as a registered dietitian (RD). Olivia has a bachelor’s degree in human nutrition and a master’s degree in community and behavioral nutrition from Virginia Tech.  Having completed the certification for becoming an RD, Olivia continues to be passionate about empowering others to live healthier, active lives through health education and providing access to this information using technology.  Olivia’s other passions include hiking, kayaking, cooking, learning about the science behind cooking, and spending time with canine companion, Bentley.
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