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Dave Le Compte

Director of Technology
Dave is a driving force behind the "Powered by Healthy Dining" suite of technology solutions designed to help restaurants, health care, wellness companies and other organizations meet the demands of today's consumer. As Director of Technology, Dave works at a high level with internal and external stakeholders on business needs, strategy and implementation of technology solutions, as well as leading the development and creative design of all of Healthy Dining's assets and solutions. 
Dave has a degree in IT technology and multi-media from the Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey with a emphasis in graphic arts and cartooning and comic books. Dave has extensive experience in software development and more than 15 years of experience in creative design for print and web. Dave came to Healthy Dining in search of a company with a health-conscious direction.
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Today's top choice is the Veggie Burger at Denny's.
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6 Hydrating Recipes

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Ancient Grains

10 New Ways to Enjoy Them

Interested in ancient grains but unsure of tasty ways to make them? The Internet is full of food bloggers and health aficionados whipping up creative, modern ways to enjoy ancient grains.
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The next generation salad bar, where you can create your own, tossed-to-order fresh and healthy salads and salad wraps.

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