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Danielle Gaffen

Nutrition & Marketing Manager
As nutrition and marketing manager, Danielle assists Healthy Dining’s dietitians with a wide variety of projects. Danielle is currently pursuing the Master of Science degree at San Diego State University (SDSU), where she is also enrolled in the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). In addition to being a member of the Student Nutrition Organization on campus, Danielle is the head of a nutritional intervention research study at SDSU. She “exercises” her culinary talent by teaching cooking classes and has prepared meals for the Chargers’ NFL football team.

Danielle's passion for making a positive difference in this world started at age eleven, when she started her own 501(c)3 organization, Sox in a Box, after a visit to Tijuana, Mexico. Danielle was shocked to see that only 20 miles from the San Diego suburb where she lived, the young kids were scampering around barefoot over pieces of large metal, glass shards, mud, and dirty, trash-strewn streets; their feet cut and blistered.  At her young age, Danielle knew she wanted to help these children. She wrote to several world relief organizations and found out that after food and medicine, new socks are desperately needed to provide a sanitary covering for and protect the feet of the homeless, the displaced, the impoverished, and the victims of natural disasters and war. And that is when Danielle knew that “sox” would become her passion. Word spread quickly, and soon every corner of her house was overrun with socks, SOCKS, and more “SOX”! To date, Sox in a Box has sent over 500,000 pairs of socks worldwide.  Read more here.
Danielle’s nutrition career path and great appreciation for healthy food was born when she visited an orphanage to deliver her Sox packages and was asked, “Do you have any food?” by a frail little girl whose ribcage poked through her top and whose hair was falling out. Danielle continues to further her passion to help children worldwide through better food access, proper vitamin supplements, and nutrition education.

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