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Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine was founded by James Beard award winning chef, Roy Yamaguchi, the father of fusion cuisine. At Roy’s, our cuisine blends bold Asian spices, European techniques, and fresh local ingredients with a focus on premium seafood. Our local chefs are constantly evolving their menus with new creations. From incredible sushi rolls to innovative appetizers and incredible entrées, you are sure to enjoy this unforgettable meal. It is also our pleasure to prepare for you a dish that meets any dietary needs you may have, from vegetarian to gluten free or any other request.

Items available at select locations. Not all Roy’s locations offer sushi.

Nutrition information provided by Roy's

Healthy Dining Choices at Roy's:

Appetizer: Edamame

Appetizer: Blackened Island Ahi (Serves 2)

Special Request
Appetizer serves two people; analysis for one serving. Request beurre blanc sauce on the side; not included in analysis.

Blackened Island Ahi Entrée

Special Request
With rice and bok choy. Request beurre blanc sauce on the side; not included in analysis.

Ahi (Big Eye) Sashimi

Sodium Savvy

Ahi Nigiri

Sodium Savvy

Maguro Nigiri

Sodium Savvy
Tuna with rice. One piece per order.

Maguro Sashimi

Sodium Savvy
Tuna. Five pieces per order.

Hamachi Sashimi

Sodium Savvy
Yellowtail. Five pieces per order.

Hamachi Nigiri

Yellowtail with rice. One piece per order.

Shake Nigiri

Sodium Savvy
Salmon with rice. One piece per order.

Shake Sashimi

Sodium Savvy
Salmon. Five pieces per order.

Shrimp Nigiri

Sodium Savvy

Snow Crab California Roll

Tako Nigiri

Sodium Savvy

Tako Sashimi

Toro Nigiri

Sodium Savvy
Fatty tuna. One piece per order.

Unagi Nigiri

To find out why these menu items were selected, please see Nutrition Criteria. The nutrition values listed represent approximations only.


N/A Data not available
Sodium Savvy Sodium Savvy
* If you request no added salt
Sodium Savvy Order according to the Special Request instructions to obtain the nutrition values listed here.

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